• Do You Sell To or Support Customers over the Phone?

    Selling over the phone is tough. Support by phone very often lacks clarity on both sides.
    However there is some help we could use - Nowadays almost everyone including your customers carries a smartphone around.

  • What if You Could Present on Your Customer's Phone Screen While Talking?

    Our solution turns a smartphone into a presentation screen.You push sales/support content over and have full control of the screen. It is like sitting next to the customer and going over a product brochure or manual - but with more advanced capabilities.

  • Personalized Content. Personal Selling.

    Greet your customer with a big smile - your customer can actually see it!
    Customize sales content on the fly to suit the needs of the conversation.

  • Clear Communication. Faster Resolution.

    See customer's issue in picture or video. Push manual pages, pictures or instruction videos to customer's phone screen. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Gain Insight through Analytics

    Track how customers view the sales content before, during or even after the call. Score the leads and identify prospects for further follow-up.

  • Engage, Sell More! Clarify, Resolve Quicker!

    Add the PhoneSlide solution to your operation to open a new communication channel to customers.
    Get valuable prospects more engaged on sales calls. Allow customers and reps to communicate better on support calls and offer faster solutions.

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No App Install

Neither sales nor customer needs to install anything. A Web browser does it all.



Always on the same page. Draw together on the page. It is like sitting together.



Grab content from pre-uploaded library or grab screenshots from ANY website.



Hello and smile! Customers can see your greetings live.


Rich Format

PDF, Powerpoint, video, image, 360 degree view.


Flexible Deployment

Use our global public cloud, your own private cloud or on-premise data center. Choose what is best for your business.

Professional Service

We offer customization and integration services based on your needs. Please contact our sales for details.

Secured Data

Security with End-to-End Encryption. All data are encrypted and transmitted in 256-bit SSL.

Sales Features

Get PhoneSlide for your Sales Team Today so they can engage prospects with rich content of your products and services!

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Support Features

Get PhoneSlide for your Support Team today so they can resolve issues for customers in less time!

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Tracking and Analytics

Customer's browsing activities are tracked at very detailed levels. Identify hot leads, see what they are interested in and follow up at the right time.




Industries and Use Cases

  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Life Style
  • Travel
  • Dealership


An investment advisor group makes outbound calls to qualify prospects and make appointments.


PhoneSlide is used during the call to explain the services they offer. Tables, charts and numbers are presented in front of the prospects. Greeting in suit and tie with a smile helps build up professional image and trust throughout the conversation.


A life insurance company runs a free life insurance policy marketing campaign. They want optimized mobile experience, analytics capability and an engaging way to communicate with the prospects calling in.


The marketing content of the free policy is created in the form of slides. The link to the content is sent out via the insurance company's various marketing channels, including newsletter, SMS, social media. PhoneSlide Analytics tracks customers' browsing activities at the page level in real-time. Interested prospects request call back within the slides. Sales reps call back and control the slides remotely for a further discussion. Sales reps can also personalize the slides during the conversation based on what the prospect is interested in.


A Weight Loss company's primary selling channel is call center sales. They want to improve customer engagement during the sales call and drive more sales.


Marketing content with inspiring images and videos is uploaded to PhoneSlide platform and promoted through social media. When interested prospects call in, sales reps take control of customers' smartphone screen for a scripted presentation. Based a prospect's needs, the sales rep makes personalized suggestions about the programs offered. Personalized slides are pushed over for easy and clear communication. After the call, the prospect's browsing activities are tracked and analyzed for further follow-up.


A timeshare vacation club makes sales calls to qualified prospects. With limited success they have been using B2B meeting software when presenting to a customer. With PhoneSlide, reps have the tools to allow far more prospects to join presentation from their smartphones.


An inspirational deck of slides is created with beautiful images, resort videos, etc.. A prospect is sent a unique link prior or during the sales call. Sales rep greets the customers with a friendly smile. After the sales call, the link is still browsable and all activities are tracked so the rep can follow up with the prospect if needed.


An auto dealership wants to improve their email marketing process as more and more customers are opening their promo newsletters on mobile phone.


Weekly newsletters are now created with a prominent PhoneSlide link pointing to a deck of promotional content of rebates, new and used cars on sale. Mobile optimized format increases view rate. Customer can request a call back within the slides. A sales rep reviews the history chart of the customer to understand what he/she is interested in and calls back. During the call the rep controls the customer's screen and can push more information based upon customer's interest and request.