How do I get a trial account?
We offer 1 month free trial. Please contact our sales. Our typical clients have 10+ agents and we found that it helps tremendously to have an initial conversation with our sales team before trial period. Give us a buzz or send us a message.
How is PhoneSlide different from WebEx?

PhoneSlide is built around B2C experience on smartphone for consumers. Presentations via PhoneSlide are usually ad hoc and short in a B2C call center.

WebEx is more for formal B2B meetings. Since it is a business productivity tool, it is optimized for PC experience.
How do I pay?
Once you log in, you can add a credit card as payment method. New users added in the middle of a month will be prorated.
How do I cancel?
If you need to remove users, you can do it at anytime. Those users will be removed out of next billing cycle automatically. If you need to close out all users including administrators, please contract our support.
Security and privacy?
PhoneSlide uses 256-bit SSL technology to ensure that any type of content is fully protected on the network. We are PCI compliant. We offer customization service if a client has specific requirements for security or privacy.
What types of smartphone do you support?

We support iOS and Android devices. This covers 99% of the devices in the market. We also support PC, Mac, IPad and tablets.

Do you support on premise installation?

Our SaaS is cloud based and multi-tenant. However if you have special needs such as dedicated server or on-premise installation, we support it for additional fees. Typically you should have at least 100 users to consider these options.